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This page is dedicated to the Engineers of the Jesse L Brown from 1978-1981

Unitas XX

Indian Ocean 1980-81

North Atlantic 1981

All the photos on this page were provided by Fred Bechtoldt

If you have any corrections or names that we don't have, please let the webmaster know.

13.jpg (27259 bytes) 14.jpg (26808 bytes)
1981 Gig Crew IO Cruise, member of M Division
15.jpg (26262 bytes) 16.jpg (29546 bytes)
BT3 "Bill BA" Flight Deck Sunday Lower Level Fireroom
17.jpg (37782 bytes) 18.jpg (20603 bytes)
MMCS "Unca Bubba"Schifield Main Control BT2 Jimmy BTFA "Birdseed II"

Azores, enroute to the IO

19.jpg (36110 bytes) 20.jpg (31913 bytes)
BT3 "Bill Ba" and BT3 "Max"

On watch in the Fireroom

BT3 "Spike" in the Firing Alley

Lower Level Fireroom

21.jpg (27753 bytes) 22.jpg (28029 bytes)
IO Sunday Flight Deck

Members of M&B Divisions

BT3 "Moosehead" transferring fuel in Aux I
23.jpg (27018 bytes) 24.jpg (31897 bytes)
MM3 Terry C.  Aux I The Daily Grind IO 1981
25.jpg (28928 bytes)  
Fire Room door and the Red E  

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