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This page is dedicated to the Engineers of the Jesse L Brown from 1978-1981

Unitas XX

Indian Ocean 1980-81

North Atlantic 1981

All the photos on this page were provided by Fred Bechtoldt

If you have any corrections or names that we don't have, please let the webmaster know.

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MM1 Webb pulling into Charleston-end of IO Cruise M&B Berthing
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BT3 Max 1980 Oil Shack-BT1 "Pollack" Gronsky and BT2 "Bones" Frenzel
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Diego Garcia night fishing trip 1980 Charleston end of IO cruise left to right

BTFA ?, BTFN?, MM3 Rabbit, BT3 Gary, MM2?, MM3 Doc Watson, BTFN Moosehead, MMFN?, BT3 Danny, BT3 Bullet

In Fond Memory of Daniel Dyer BT3 USN

2/22/60 - 12/21/05 (second from right)


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BTFA Birdseed Lower Level Fireroom Night Fishing Diego Garcia 1980
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Fresh air break BTFN Batman, BT3 Gary Easter, BT3 Gubber MM's in Aux I
11.jpg (44008 bytes) 12.jpg (32551 bytes)
Fireroom console booth BT3 Pee Pee Peters, BT3 Billba, BT2 Shaky Jake Charleston end of IO cruise Front row left to right BT3 Spike, BT3 Bullet, BT3 Danny   Back Row BT2 Jimmy, MM3 Doc Watson, BT3 Gary, BT3 Peters, BT2? Mark Tucker?, BT3 Gubber, BTFN McCloud, BTFN?, BTFN?


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